So Many Industries, One Concrete IT Solution

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So Many Industries, One Concrete IT Solution

SuperCloud provides fully controlled IT support to various firms in a range of sectors like architecture, finance, law firms, and charities. As a result, we will take on your particular challenges and advise on guiding principles, both strategically and professionally aligned to meet your needs.

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  • IT Support for Financial Services Sector

    The financial services industry continues to face problems quickly. The cybersecurity risks and data infringements and the pressure of growing and contrasting regulation leads to greater rivalry from challenging FinTech companies. This means that the right IT support has never been more crucial to the overall sector.

    Yet technological opportunity brightens the future. Innovations like integrating technologies, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and big data will enable you to meet emerging partners, employees, and customers' requirements.

  • IT Support for Legal Services Sector

    Although other industries rapidly adopted up emerging technologies and software solutions, the conventional aversion of law to risk, and the need for specific business benefits from the adoption of IT, made the reaction of this particular sector a little slower. But in recent years, particularly in Vancouver, this has begun to shift.

    Today, legal companies are viewed as a crucial way to increase productivity and profitability by leveraging and improving new digital technology, reducing management, and transferring such services online. This includes the settlement of disputes and safe customer portals for 24/7 access and support.

  • IT Support for Architects

    We know the importance of IT for architects. Architects need to ensure that the technology they deploy is optimized, functional, and cost-effective.

    As an architect, you need even to have sophisticated software if your selection of operated IT services and support is just as vital as hardware or software, and even when you are tackling anything necessary such as highly spectral devices you use in the studio or on-site, platforms such as Vectorworks & ArchiCAD and a growing range of mobile applications.

    Here, architects will benefit clearly from our controlled IT support solutions in terms of efficiency, profitability, availability, safety, enforcement, and total trust in your technology.

  • IT Support for Professional Services Sector

    Your customers want you to be clearer, more responsible, agile, lean, and better equipped to deal with technological challenges as they arrive. And, regardless of the size or segment of your business, your company must respond promptly and effectively.

    As an extremely skilled and expert-run IT-service company here in Vancouver, we know the possibilities new developments and technologies will give your professional company.

    But our overall goal is to give you complete trust in your technology. We concentrate on developing your IT so that you can focus on running a profitable company in consulting services.

  • IT Support for Real Estate Industry

    There are numerous tired and basic processes and tasks around the real estate sector that can be significantly improved, supplemented, and handled with the appropriate technology to make service quicker, cheaper, more cost-effective, more consistent whilst also providing customers with a greater product.

    If you remain complacent, the companies will pass you by. Relax because we will motivate you to face these challenges and succeed with your own digital transition process. We will enable you to develop, protect, support, and implement technologies, improve employee efficiency and cooperation, provide essential business sustainability and customize it to your needs.

  • IT Support for Charity or Non-Profit Organizations

    In recent years, many organizations have invested primarily in a rapidly cashless society and contactless technologies.

    Apps have also become great tools to streamline the business. These are used by staff and volunteers to accelerate, automate and sustain administrative activities.

    Offering clear business value doesn't have to be drastic or revolutionary to be significant, and we will help you make your digital transformation initiatives viable and sustainable.

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    What our Clients Say

    SuperCloud IT team is very professional and knowledgeable. They have been providing our business with excellent IT services and support for 15+ years.


    We hired SuperCloud IT to manage our IT infrastructure and support our staff with IT challenges. This successful transition has allowed us to focus on what we do best, legal practice. SuperCloud IT made sure our private cloud infrastructure is secure and in compliance with Canadian privacy laws.


    SuperCloud IT understands the importance of network availability! With standby servers in place, we have never experienced any outage with our network. Their support team promptly setup secure remote access for our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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