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Every organization can become more successful by being able to develop, cooperate, and communicate seamlessly. Gaining access to digital tools that allow employees to do their jobs more efficiently – and from any location – will enable businesses to be more flexible and competitive in their industry they function in.

Microsoft Office 365 is a software suite that includes Word, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Excel, and more. Since Office 365 is cloud-based, users can access the full suite of features anywhere, anytime, on any device, with an active Internet connection.

Office 365’s resources complement one another and work together seamlessly, making it a must-have for any enterprise.

Super Cloud – Microsoft 365 Consultants

The diligent experts at Super Cloud will gladly assist you in selecting the best range of apps to build a fully functional online workplace for your employees.

Tailored Solutions

Businesses need personalization and customization to streamline their operations and increase productivity. Microsoft certified professionals at Super Cloud will build and develop a Microsoft 365 solution specific to your organization’s requirements and budget.

Seamless Migration Process

We can draw on the expertise of our Microsoft 365 consultants, who have completed numerous successful transitions.

There are few challenges with such projects that we haven’t already tackled so that you can select the framework and our team with absolute trust.

The Benefits Of Doing Business With Microsoft 365

In modern business, collaboration and connectivity are critical components of efficiency, and productivity is the company's backbone.

Microsoft 365 gives every employee in a company the resources they need to collaborate, communicate, and, as a result, be more productive.

Never Forget Your Password / Single Sign-on (SSO)

To prevent having to sign-in several times, users can save their password in their computer's device tray.

Using SSO with Microsoft 365 means you won't have to remember your login information every time you sign in. You can even reduce the number of passwords you have! You will use the same login details to navigate email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other Office apps with Office 365 single sign-on (SSO).

Access To The Newest Technologies

Imagine using the most recent Word, Excel, and Outlook versions without paying a premium price for new releases or reinstalling the software. With Microsoft 365 subscription, you always get access to the latest versions of all applications.

Safe And Secure Data Encryption

We are well aware that cybersecurity is a constant source of concern for both small and large companies. To counter emerging threats, Microsoft 365 provides privacy protection, levels of security controls, diligent monitoring, and regular security updates.

Microsoft 365 – an overview

Microsoft Office has advanced into a vast suite of sophisticated tools that enable organizations to be more successful and efficient.

Microsoft’s prominent core apps provide businesses with the simple tools they need to perform daily tasks like data management, creating documents, and communicating information. Thanks to various customized plan choices, businesses of all sizes will gain immediate access to these resources!

You will get the following things with a Microsoft 365 subscription:

  • Users get business-class support, including IT admin support, an economically backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, recovery procedures, comprehensive protection, privacy controls, and specifications.
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook are among the most salient Microsoft software available in the Microsoft 365 package.
  • It can be installed on your personal computer, laptop, iPad.
  • OneDrive cloud storage of 1 TB.
  • Updates and enhancements to features that aren’t available anywhere else.
  • Apps, both local and cloud-based, as well as productivity services.

Why Make The Move To Microsoft 365?

Explore and Assimilate

Microsoft 365 works in tandem with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications. Users can build a trial account in just a few moments to evaluate and connect with the cloud.

Collaborate Wherever & Whenever

With Office 365, users can access their documents via the web from any computer or browser. Employees can collaborate more effectively because of this accessibility.

Real-Time Communication

Teams can communicate in real-time using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users can see real-time amendments or adjustments to a document made by their peers.

No Discrepancies In Licensing

There are no licensing issues with Office 365 because it comes with everything you need and can be used throughout the business.

Making Microsoft 365 migration simple

Our award-winning expertise with audit and migration of several enterprises speaks for itself. What we offer is a smoother, faster, and easier experience with hands-on knowledge and a wealth of knowledge you can always tap into.

Smooth Transition

The robust installation and migration solutions provided by our Microsoft 365 specialists will ensure a smooth and seamless migration from an orthodox to a digital platform.

One in which you don't have to think about things like email, web addresses, or software licenses.

Flawless Management

With Super Cloud's efficient management of Office 365 accounts, proactive tracking, timely troubleshooting, security vulnerability protection, and monthly resource utilization reporting, your business can be where you dream it can be in no time.

Ongoing Support

The experts at SuperCloud in Vancouver have various support options to help you keep up with platform changes, introduce the new Office 365 enhancements, and boost performance with personalized features and avoid disruption.

To avoid any dynamic challenges with Office 365 adoption, we help and end users handle and use their cloud solutions effectively.

Microsoft 365 Consulting and Support

Move to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Business can be deployed on various devices, provides access from anywhere at any time, and enhances the traditional Microsoft Office product with a variety of new features.

New features in Microsoft Teams to help you organize dynamic events and conferences online, cloud data storage, and networking capabilities so you can work from anywhere, and protection and authentication services to protect your company are all available to small and midsize enterprises.

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    What our Clients Say

    SuperCloud IT team is professional and knowledgeable. They have been providing our business with excellent technical support and services since its inception 15+ years ago.


    We hired SuperCloud IT to manage our IT infrastructure and support our staff with IT challenges. This successful transition has allowed us to focus on what we do best, legal practice. SuperCloud IT made sure our private cloud is secure and in compliance with Canadian privacy laws.


    SuperCloud IT understands the importance of network availability! With standby servers in place, we have never experienced any outage on our network. Their support team has been prompt in addressing IT issues and enabling secure remote access for our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.