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Jump-start your journey to the cloud with our managed Azure cloud solutions & solve your IT challenges, boost staff productivity, and accelerate business growth.

Imagine on-demand, scalable, pay-per-use, virtually unlimited computing power, expandable storage and 99.99% availability without hardware capital costs and ongoing maintenance. That is the power of Cloud we bring to our clients.

As a Managed Azure Services Provider (MSP), Super Cloud Consultants help businesses stay ahead by defining their cloud strategy and creating a roadmap to harness the power of Azure Cloud Services and capitalize on the benefits they have to offer.

Work, collaborate & communicate anytime, anywhere, conveniently! With 24/7 secure access to authorized work resources, data & information, your team can be productive as ever!

Applicable to all businesses, industries, and parts of the world, Azure Cloud increases employee productivity, saves unwanted inconvenience, and irregularities through the work process. Contact SuperCloud team today to know more about Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions.

CLOUD - No Capital Cost!

Are you tired of capital IT expenses, data storage constraints and the hassles of ongoing hardware maintenance and upgrades? Super Cloud has a two-word solution for you – Microsoft Azure!

With SuperCloud’s managed Azure Services, there is no need to invest in expensive server and storage hardware! Our managed Azure Solutions include cloud computing, VPS, VMs, private, hybrid and public cloud, uncompromised security, remote desktops, backup, hosted applications and more.

Store your data in secure, expandable and highly available cloud storage in Microsoft Azure with builtin backup and disaster recovery management.

Microsoft Azure resources can be customized and scaled as needed, and you only pay for the services used by your business.

Super Cloud team helps businesses utilize the power of cloud solutions to address their IT needs, stay within budget and eliminate ongoing costs of hardware ownership and maintenance, effectively.

Managed Azure

  • SuperCloud prides itself in providing businesses with robust, scalable and pragmatic Azure cloud solutions to achieve digital transformation, data protection and compliance.
  • With 99.99% availability, uncompromised security, built-in backup and disaster recovery management, we deliver high-performance Azure cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout greater Vancouver including Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta & Langley.
  • Trust SuperCloud Azure Experts to build Azure Cloud Solutions customized for your business needs, performance, growth and budget, while keeping security a top priority.
  • Are you overpaying for your cloud? Is your cloud secure? Contact us for configuration, security and compliance assessments of your IT infrastructure in Azure.

Seamless Digital Transformation

  • Always Readily Available

    Microsoft Azure cloud solutions guarantee 99.99% uptime with continued access to your applications and infrastructure in the cloud. You can rest assured that your data is safe and available with built-in data backup, data redundancy, and robust disaster recovery. Safety and security of your data is our business! Allow SuperCloud professionals to solve your Cloud problems.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    The biggest reason why your business should move to Microsoft Azure Cloud is because of the cost-efficiency. SuperCloud Azure Experts will help your business eliminate high costs associated with purchasing & maintaining on-site server infrastructures.

  • Scalability with ease

    With our Managed Azure Solutions, cloud resources can be changed, added and removed when needed. Data storage capacity, processing power, and networking are easily scaled in Azure Cloud, helping your business adapt to the dynamism efficiently and conveniently.

Uncompromised SECURITY

  • Built-in Security

    Cloud comes equipped with security controls and services to help keep your data, application and networks secure.

  • Simple Budgeting

    Trust SuperCloud to efficiently manage your Azure Cloud infrastructure and stop paying for unnecessary cloud resources. With our managed Azure solutions, you do not have to bear any upfront costs. Simply pay for the resources based on time and usage.

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology

    Cloud grants you to fully utilize the latest technological advancements and on-demand computing services.

  • Increased Productivity

    Cloud enables authorized staff to securely access their work applications and resources and collaborate with colleagues worldwide. Eliminate complex IT infrastructure on-site and free up staff to focus on the core business.

Microsoft Azure - Your One Stop Cloud

Since 2010, our IT professionals have served clients with customized Microsoft Azure cloud solutions including cloud storage, computing, cloud migrations, security and Azure Consulting services while ensuring information security, compliance, privacy and business continuity.The Super Cloud team has 60+ years of combined professional experience in building, managing and securing IT infrastructures for a variety of industries. We have been providing Azure Consulting, Azure Migrations, Azure Storage for small and medium-sized businesses in Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, White Rock, Delta & Langley. We pride ourselves in keeping up with ongoing advancements in technology with continued education and investments.

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